Monday, November 21, 2005

Engage your reader.

Reading your words is spending time with you. So, make the persona you project engaging.

To engage your readers:
  • Speak to them directly and clearly.
  • Organize your message in a structure that reflects their interests.
  • Use an appropriate tone.
And, before you even begin writing, identify your audience. You must grab and hold your readers' attention if you want to get your ideas across. They aren't interested in your information for its own sake: they want only news they can use. The best way to grab and hold their attention is to figure out who they are and what they want to know. Put yourself in their shoes. It will give you a new perspective.

To identify your audience, think about what kind of person will read this book or document and why. Keep in mind the average reader's level of technical expertise.

Tell your readers why the material is important to them. Say, "If you want ___, here's what you have to do." Or, "If you want ___, here's what you should know."



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