Monday, February 27, 2006

Novel Forms

Novels currently take one of three main forms:
  • Narrative: a story told by a narrator, or storyteller.
  • Stream of Consciousness: immersion in the ruminations of a character's wandering mind. An example of a stream-of-consciousness novel is Franz Kafka's The Trial.
  • Documentary: somebody's story told indirectly through documentation. Document novels tell the story through letters, a journal, a diary, medical records, court records, government records, the contents of a data bank, and so forth.

In other words, there are three types of novels:
  • narrative novels
  • stream-of-consciousness novels
  • documentary novels

There are four types of narrative novels.

Types of Narrative Novels:
  • First-Person Novel: a narrative told by a character in it.
  • Viewpoint Novel: narrated in the third person from one character's viewpoint.
  • Multiple Viewpoint Novel (Shifting Viewpoint): narrated in the third person from varying character viewpoints.
  • Collection Novel: a series of short stories with a common denominator.



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